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Labia (large and small). These are the external genitals, which are located on the sides of the genital slit. Serves for mechanical protection of the vagina. The vagina is an internal genital organ that participates in the fertilization process. It is a muscular-elastic tubular formation located in the small pelvis. The perineum is the floor of the pelvis, which forms a group of striated muscles and fascia.

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Gynecologists treat the anterior perineum, which includes the muscles of the urogenital diaphragm, external genitalia, urethra, and vagina. The uterus is a hollow, smooth muscle organ located in the pelvic cavity. The embryo develops in the uterus and the fetus is carried. The cervix is ​​the lower part of the uterus that is connected to the vagina. The cervix contains the cervical canal that connects the vagina and the uterine cavity.

The fallopian tubes are a tubular paired organ that connects the abdominal cavity to the uterine cavity. It is the site of fertilization of the egg. The ovaries are the paired sex glands of women, which are located in the pelvic cavity. They produce sex hormones and are the site of development and maturation of female germ cells.

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Play and prevention of gynecological diseases, as well as rehabilitation of patients using traditional (hirudotherapy, mud therapy) and modern techniques (intermittent normobaric hypoxic therapy, etc.); family planning counseling, etc.

diagnosis of pregnancy, monitoring the course of pregnancy and early detection of complications of pregnancy and childbirth, and also prescribes appropriate treatment for a pregnant woman; organization and clinical examination of gynecological patients (detects gynecological diseases during a preventive examination);

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Also, the gynecologist provides patients with emergency emergency medical care in the obstetric and gynecological profile.

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A gynecologist is a general specialist whose tasks include maintaining the normal functioning of the female reproductive system at different stages of the body's development and treating the pathologies that have arisen.

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